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The year is 2021, and Isaac Vallentin still lives on planet Earth.

To date, he has released three (or four) albums of original songs: Hedera, Amateur (2018 ed., Japanese ed.), and "..." (pron: ellipsis).

These could be described as botanical groove-poem, anti-bildungsroman, and expressionist screenplay, respectively.

He's also released 5 collections of mostly wordless music in the categories of: freestyle distortion, tundra sunshine, high castle rainwater, asiamerican prism, and blindfold jazz.

He shares his writing here.

Otherwise, he makes a living through his visual studio, Huot & Vallentin.

Isaac's videos, concert listings, and other trivia are collected below.

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New! "..."

Six songs.

New! Winter Song

A music video, a shovel.


No Hiding

Improvised jazz, soundtrack, opera.

Amateur (Japanese Edition)

Amateur, again, but different.


Kasuga Suite

Six pieces for acoustic guitar.


A five-part lullaby for electric piano.



Ten songs.

Loudest in the Universe

A music video, with unbroken eye-contact.

Arctic Summer

An ambient experiment dedicated to Nunavut.

Looking at Animals

Twenty-one improvised pieces for prepared guitar.

The Land of Inches

A video-portrait of Hull, Québec.


A re-scoring of Bert Haanstra's 1961 short film.


Hedera Demos

Early versions of four songs from Hedera.



Thirteen songs.


A music video.

Love and Devotion 7"

A tour-exclusive single.


No upcoming concerts.

20/02/28 Cinqhole Ottawa CA
20/02/08 Club Saw Ottawa CA
20/02/06 Casa Del Popolo Montréal CA
19/12/08 Le Verre Bouteille Montréal CA
19/11/09 LUCfest Tainan TW
19/11/07 Basement Cafe Taipei TW
19/10/19 URSA Montréal CA
18/09/14 Blanc de Blanc Montréal CA
18/08/10 La Sotterenea Montréal CA
18/06/30 General Assembly Ottawa CA
18/06/29 Northern Contemporary Toronto CA
18/06/28 La Vitrola Montréal CA
18/02/16 National Arts Centre Ottawa CA
18/02/15 185 Van Horne Montréal CA
17/12/09 The Record Centre Ottawa CA
17/12/08 Belljar Toronto CA
17/12/07 Little Grasshopper Hamilton CA
17/12/06 The Garnet Peterborough CA
17/09/14 Ukrainian Federation Montréal CA
17/09/08 Blacksheep Inn Wakefield CA
17/08/26 Timber Lounge Halifax CA
17/08/25 Thunder and Lightning Sackville CA
17/08/24 Bellweather Vintage Fredericton CA
17/08/18 Arboretum Ottawa CA
17/08/05 Casa del Popolo Montréal CA
17/07/21 Burdock Toronto CA
17/07/20 Place for Bands Guelph CA
17/07/16 Bluesfest Ottawa CA
17/05/14 Le Cagibi Montréal CA
17/05/13 Black Squirrel Books Ottawa CA
17/03/08 Oblomov Kreuzkoelln Berlin DE
17/02/04 Hostel ROOM Rotterdam NL
16/10/28 Fabrica Treviso IT
16/10/21 Officine Corsaire Turin IT
16/10/19 La Bretelle Geneva CH
16/10/15 Le Motel Paris FR
16/10/14 Café Kafka Brussels BE
16/10/13 In De Ruimte Gent BE
16/10/12 Eetcafé Stathe Utrecht NL
16/10/09 Filmtheatre Kriterion Amsterdam NL
16/10/08 CC Muziekcafe Amsterdam NL
16/10/07 Skek Amsterdam NL
16/10/06 Alles Elbe Hamburg DE
16/10/04 Prachtwerk Berlin DE
16/10/01 Horns Erben Leipzig DE
16/08/19 The Slaughtered Lamb London UK
16/08/10 Klunkerkranich Berlin DE
16/03/18 The Great Hall Toronto CA
16/03/05 Pressed Ottawa CA
16/02/05 Megaphono Ottawa CA
15/12/05 Station One Grimsby CA
15/12/04 Burdock Toronto CA
15/12/03 The Garnet Peterborough CA
15/11/29 The Record Centre Ottawa CA
15/11/28 Brasserie Beaubien Montréal CA
15/11/26 Reneu Boutique Fredericton CA
15/11/25 Plan B Moncton CA
15/11/22 Baba's Lounge Charlottetown CA
15/11/19 The Seahorse Halifax CA
15/11/19 Gus' Pub Halifax CA
15/11/18 Red Herring Saint Andrews CA
15/09/21 Raw Sugar Ottawa CA
15/08/27 Pressed Ottawa CA
15/07/25 Station One Grimsby CA
15/07/17 Broken Arts Festival Oshawa CA
15/07/11 Blacksheep Inn Wakefield CA
15/07/03 House of Common Ottawa CA
15/06/13 Musiikki Café Kingston CA
15/06/06 Quai des Brumes Montréal CA
15/05/23 Lilac Fest Oxford Mills CA


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Born 1993. Unpredictable output, wide variety in style: smooth, hairy, bumpy, angular, over-produced, under-produced, improvisational, process-driven, whatever. Concerts in Canada, Europe, and Asia. Creates posters, videos, and album covers for himself and other artists. Establishes commercial image studio Huot & Vallentin with Pascal Huot in 2012; prolific output 2014-2016, considered output 2017-present. Currently: renting an apartment in Montréal somewhere in the Maritimes; writing songs, poems, stories, essays; consulting on image and making images.