Isaac Vallentin

2019 Crooswijk
2018 Arctic Summer
2018 Amateur
2018 Loudest in the Universe
2018 Zoo (Bert Haanstra, 1961)
2018 The Land of Inches
2018 Looking at Animals
2016 Hedera Demos
2015 Live at the Record Centre
2015 Love and Devotion 7"
2015 Hedera
2015 Stewardess


19-09-19 URSA Montréal CA
18-09-14 Blanc de Blanc Montréal CA
18-08-10 La Sotterenea Montréal CA
18-06-30 General Assembly Ottawa CA
18-06-29 Northern Contemporary Toronto CA
18-06-28 La Vitrola Montréal CA
18-02-16 National Arts Centre Ottawa CA
18-02-15 185 Van Horne Montréal CA
17-12-09 The Record Centre Ottawa CA
17-12-08 Belljar Toronto CA
17-12-07 Little Grasshopper Hamilton CA
17-12-06 The Garnet Peterborough CA
17-09-14 Ukrainian Federation Montréal CA
17-09-08 Blacksheep Inn Wakefield CA
17-08-26 Timber Lounge Halifax CA
17-08-25 Thunder and Lightning Sackville CA
17-08-24 Bellweather Vintage Fredericton CA
17-08-18 Arboretum Ottawa CA
17-08-05 Casa del Popolo Montréal CA
17-07-21 Burdock Toronto CA
17-07-20 Place for Bands Guelph CA
17-07-16 Bluesfest Ottawa CA
17-05-14 Le Cagibi Montréal CA
17-05-13 Black Squirrel Books Ottawa CA
17-03-08 Oblomov Kreuzkoelln Berlin DE
17-02-04 Hostel ROOM Rotterdam NL
16-10-28 Fabrica Treviso IT
16-10-21 Officine Corsaire Turin IT
16-10-19 La Bretelle Geneva CH
16-10-15 Le Motel Paris FR
16-10-14 Café Kafka Brussels BE
16-10-13 In De Ruimte Gent BE
16-10-12 Eetcafé Stathe Utrecht NL
16-10-09 Filmtheatre Kriterion Amsterdam NL
16-10-08 CC Muziekcafe Amsterdam NL
16-10-07 Skek Amsterdam NL
16-10-06 Alles Elbe Hamburg DE
16-10-04 Prachtwerk Berlin DE
16-10-01 Horns Erben Leipzig DE
16-08-19 The Slaughtered Lamb London UK
16-08-10 Klunkerkranich Berlin DE
16-03-18 The Great Hall Toronto CA
16-03-05 Pressed Ottawa CA
16-02-05 Megaphono Ottawa CA
15-12-05 Station One Grimsby CA
15-12-04 Burdock Toronto CA
15-12-03 The Garnet Peterborough CA
15-11-29 The Record Centre Ottawa CA
15-11-28 Brasserie Beaubien Montréal CA
15-11-26 Reneu Boutique Fredericton CA
15-11-25 Plan B Moncton CA
15-11-22 Baba's Lounge Charlottetown CA
15-11-19 The Seahorse Halifax CA
15-11-19 Gus' Pub Halifax CA
15-11-18 Red Herring Saint Andrews CA
15-09-21 Raw Sugar Ottawa CA
15-08-27 Pressed Ottawa CA
15-07-25 Station One Grimsby CA
15-07-17 Broken Arts Festival Oshawa CA
15-07-11 Blacksheep Inn Wakefield CA
15-07-03 House of Common Ottawa CA
15-06-13 Musiikki Café Kingston CA
15-06-06 Quai des Brumes Montréal CA
15-05-23 Lilac Fest Oxford Mills CA


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Born 1993. Unpredictable musical output since 2015. Wide variety in style: electronic, folk, rock, instrumental, improvisational, process-driven, whatever. Tours of Canada and Europe. Radio-play and streaming pays two months rent per year. Makes music videos, posters, and album covers for himself and other artists. Starts commercial image studio Huot & Vallentin with Pascal Huot in 2012. Prolific output 2014-2016, considered output 2017-present. Several awards: Fabrica Fellowship, Graphis Annual, Tokyo TDC Annual, Tate IK Prize. Currently renting an apartment in Montréal. Currently writing poetry and songs. Currently thinking about music. Currently consulting on image and making images. Currently ignoring social and news media and instead focusing on the classics. Currently trying for his own benefit, and for his loved ones, and for you, and for everyone else, and for everyone that has been and has yet to be.