Isaac Vallentin

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I don't want to be an artist
I want to be
The apocalypse


Meanwhile in the deep pacific
10,000 leagues below the surface
A sperm whale has traveled many days
To hunt a squid the size of my ignorance

And as it eats
It’s only meal for months
I’m standing in the checkout line
With a cart full of liquidation
Cocktail shrimp

I pay by credit
And feed a different kind of hungry giant
With the krill of my labour
In the waters of a shallow overdraft

The whale has one heart
And the squid has three
The bank has no heart
But I have seven billion



I was born in the summer
Then we didn't live in ice anymore

When they came
And killed the dogs
Father started staying home
Drinking midday alcohol

I don't remember being hungry
They still hunted for us somehow

Packed in boxes, history
That picture isn't anyone

There is a crime amongst men
For the death of their living

When we face silence
We know what it means


Saltwater fish tasting sweetly
Freshwater fish tasting salty
Sweet water fish freshly fried on the fire
Fire rains down from the heavens like water
Water shoots up from the ground like fire
Now that our promised land's been deserted
There's just enough space
For a brand new shopping centre


A depanneur in Hull, Québec

The shopkeeper inquires
As to whether you know any place
That he and both his closest friends
Can go to buy cocaine


Kneeling at the edge of the tub
In your underwear

You forged a path
Through the unforgiving city maze
In oilstain tablecloth, in wash

You willed new stories
Out of ancient genes inherited

And dried our sheets
In a voiceless sky

You placed new words
At the feet, in the tombs
Of your mentors

And collected dust
To build a mattress

And we slept
Our rings concatenate
With our rattling refrigerator
And silver spoon and coffee-maker

In the heat of our apartment
In the shadow of a mountain
Of an oilstained city


After fruit
The mouth tastes like
You decide
Whose side you're on


Rent a roofless double-decker bus
And offer tours around the city:
"Every place I thought
I had quit smoking
for the last time"


To be in your picture
I must think of a purpose
Like a snake chases mice in a field

It is found in car windows
And storefront dioramas
The moment that you turn away

I could touch you whenever
I wanted, you let me
But too often I was afraid

I got so lost within you
That I forgot my dream of being
A public phallus cast in bronze

I mastered personality
Now virgins stream from city buses
Virgins crumble at my feet

Un pizza géant du mistake, alors:

Je suis failure stream of dandruff
Je suis peanut in dog feces
Je suis Christmas wrapped in plastic

Last week we redeemed our carpet fantasy
And found it laughing back at us


T-shirt stretched out
Skin against the leaves
They're crisp and damp
For armour, but they do protect me
From the breeze


I'm looking at you
Looking at the inside of my heart

You're a genius
I'm indifferent
You are holy
I'm a slave to my desires

You held me close
And we burned a braid
Of your grandmother's hair

Occupation never recognized
From sea to shining sea
We were there to watch her drown

But they were racist
So are we


Managed estates
Entire boardrooms masturbate

Find the poem
Or have it made

Live the dream
That dreamers
Die to dream


The newest clothes of insect thread
Do not protect me
From our atomic winter

Every brand new object
Is a cry for help:

Will we create a perfect music?

An oversharpened picture of the Amazon
Blazes on a TV screen
While we drink bottled water

Why are we so busy with all this useless shit
And when will we truly get down with eachother's spirits?

Fuck all you cowards moisturizing your nipples
Prove it's possible to be someone
Outside of California

One too many planes are flying low
Above the holy city

Oranges peeling without effort


My neighbour
is a millionaire

My sheets are always clean

And one day
I'll be famous in the village

On the screen you wear
Around your neck


We're all tuned in
Everybody get's a channel
Everybody's channel's different

Right now
I'm reaching out
From my channel
To yours